Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mini Boots haul and Mac Viva Glam Nicki

Hello x

Just been to Boots after work. Popped in for some Bongela (Booo Wisdom teeth) and ended up with a bag of goodies.

I needed some new skin care items, so managed to buy some of those, plus the make up section was calling me, and I couldn't resist!

Make up and skin care

I borrowed this image from google because my camera is being ridiculous and just won't behave! I'm looking forward to trying this. It was a completely spare of the moment grab, but when I sampled a bit on my hand it just seemed to glide on and disappear. Really lovely. Will review in a week or so, once it's had a good innings. Boots, £6.99.

Broadway Nails are great. They look really natural and last for ages. I won't be using these for a while as I'm trying to grown my own with a little help from OPI . However these are a massive recommendation, they are the best false nail I've tried.

Boots, £4.40

Boots, £2.99! Bargain.
 I saw this on a video on youtube and was eager to try it, as the beauty-guru who recommended it described her skin type, and it completely matched mine; I get dry skin on the face arms and legs mostly. It has a gorgeous scent, but isn't over powering. Apparently after a few weeks of use it will leave your skin amazingly moisturised for the following 7 days. Suits me if it works,! I'll give it a try and let you know.
This is Isobelrose27's channel, where I first heard of this moisturiser. She's fantastic and has a great blog.

Finally I picked up some Nivea skincare. In my opinion, you can't really go wrong with Nivea. At the moment I have visible pours, dry skin...all the horrible stuff that comes with being run down and weather beaten. I'm hoping these have some effect. I just bought some Stream Cream too, but I might save that until my skin as improved. Also all of the above products were on 3 for 2 skincare, so I got the Nivea Night cream and the Garnier Body for free! Happy purse, Happy me!

MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj

I was super excited, as you all know, about the new Viva Glam lipstick from Mac. My advanced purchase arrived the day before yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL! Such a pretty pink, and so different to the gorgeous pale Gaga shade.

My camera is being naughty so sadly I couldn't manage a picture that really got the yellowy, pink tone of the lipstick.

Nicki (t) Gaga (b)

I seriously loved the Gaga pale pink lipstick and have boxes of it stockpiled, however I think I love the Nicki Minaj one even more! It is a bright, in your face pink and it is stunning.

This picture looks awful, so I apologise. I'll do a look with it soon so that you can see how great it looks on a pale skin tone. It's really lovely. I struggle to wear some pinks because I have dyed red hair. To be honest whether this suited me or not I'd be wearing it. It's too pretty!

So, the money I saved at Boots has helped me justify buying another 2 tubes from MAC tonight lol. 
Get ordering now it has been released, if you haven't already, it supports a great cause!

See you soon 

Ali xxx


  1. Thanks for your comment ! Agreed, I think Pauly D would love fit as fcuk in pretty much any hairstyle or outfit he is gorgeous ! hehehehe

  2. I adore the Nicki Minaj viva glam lipstick! Such a pretty pink, I can wait to hear your thoughts on 17's BB cream x