Monday, 30 April 2012

YSL and Boots Haul

Hello everyone,

Hope you had a lovely weekend.
It was chucking it down here in Leeds so I sensibly went in to town with the boyfriend and spent my hard earned dosh in my beloved Boots lol

So here's a couple of things I bought there:

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation in 54. Only bought because it was £6.99 and I've wanted to try it for a while!
I've wanted Notting Hill Gate for so long! It is the perfect Barbie bubblegum pink.  It looks great and is beautiful! I bought it with some of my Boots points too, which made it extra great!!!
I love the whole dip dyed tips and being a dyed red head I thought I'd try a couple of other colours at the tips. It works really well, but the blue rubbed off all over my neck. I looked like something from Avatar! Apart from that, it looks really good! It washed in and out too which is handy. but I might just ask my hairdresser to do it permanently. I love it. These are £2.99 each and come in loads of colours. They are easy to apply and look really good.

This stuff is beyond genius!!! If you paint your nails everyday, like I do, then this is a life saver. When it says 1 second removal it means it! Amazing! Smells nice, feels moisturising and is only £4.99!

I then went to House of Fraser and Harvey Nichols to pick up a couple of things - and to shelter from the rain!

I almost escaped House of Fraser without buying anything; however my eye was drawn to this really cute YSL Iphone case, and the woman at the counter said it was mine for free if I bought a nail varnish and one of the new Stain Glosses. I've wanted to try the lip stain for ages, so I just went for it. A little expensive, and I wouldn't normally dish out so much, but I loved the case!
Sorry about the fingerprint. I love YSL packaging, I think it's my favourite.
The nail varnish is no. 18 Bleu Majorelle and it a true navy blue. So unusual.
The gloss is no.11 Rouge Gouache, and is lovely.

Finally from Harvey Nics I bought the John Paul Gaultier Diet Coke bottles. I always buy the designer bottles, and this year they are just as fabulous as always. 

So that was my weekend. I went to IKEA too but I won't bore you with the rubbish I bought or the pencils I stole :-)

Hope you are all well. Talk soon

Ali xxx

April Glossybox

Well, after what felt like 60 years of waiting, the April Glossybox arrived! Yay!

Anyway, I was prepared for another meh box, but actually I was quite surprised! Well done Glossybox!

I received:
Caudalie VinosourceThirst Quenching Serum - Really weeny sample, but feels delicious. Looking forward to trying it out.

Inika Organic Eyeliner in Green Lagoon. Love this. Glides on. Really lovely shade. Love it!

Monu Enriched Body Cream, Smells gorgeous! Will put in my drawer at work for dry skin moments on the run probably.

Figs and Rouge Lip Balm in Peppermint and Tea tree. I love Figs and Rouge and this balm is delicious. So moisturising! Which is just what I need.

Finally I received some Philip B straightening Serum. Another small sample but worth trying out

So all in all I was pretty happy. Took ages to come and hope the May one arrives a little sooner; however for once, Glossy box has catered to my needs! At last!

Ali xxx

Friday, 20 April 2012

Boots Haul ...again lol New DKNY Sweet Delicious

Hello xxx

I've been run off my feet with work so have a few blogs and some pictures to upload. But before I get round to that I thought I'd do another Boots haul. As you know, I am obsessed with Boots. In fact the girl who works at my local Boots called me by my first name the other day when I went in. Oops lol

Anyway, I only picked up a couple of things,so here we go...

The Lashes are by Eyelure, and were £5.65 I think. I bought them  for a meal with the girls at work and they were so cute! Not too long, but really pretty.

I picked up a Rimmel Bronzer and the new Rimmel Fix & Perfect. I don't normally wear much Rimmel make up but I thought I'd try the primer out.
I've worn it a few times; it's not amazing but it's a nice base. It dried my skin a little though, so I probably won't be purchasing again.
I only got the bronzer because Boots had a 3 for 2 on makeup. It does it's job and is a pretty colour.

My most favourite purchase was the new DKNY Sweet Delicious in Creamy Meringue! When I walked in to the shop and saw all three bottles in cup cake cases on a pastel coloured display, I knew they were for me!!!

There are three new Limited Edition fragrances; Creamy Meringue, Pink Macaroon and Tart Key Lime.

I bought the beautiful Creamy meringue, which smells of delicious Lemon Meringue Pie. I can't stress how edible these fragrances smell! The Key Lime smells of zesty Key Lime Pie and the Pink Macaroon is glorious, it reminds me of sherbet and cotton candy. Utterly delicious. The meringue fragrance swayed me though. Absolutely beautiful. I could just eat it!!!

I never, EVER, buy my own fragrances. I'm not massively in to perfume; I mean I get it for Christmas etc, however, you know a perfume must be great, if I spend my hard earned cash on it! lol

Let me know if you've tried one of the fragrances-I'm so tempted to buy Pink Macaroon too!

Ali xxxxxx

Friday, 6 April 2012

FOTD Best friend bingo night!

Yes you did read correctly. I'm off to Bingo! Our first time so my friend and I are pretty nervous! If you don't hear from me again, it's because I've won a million!

I'm wearing:
Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation in number 54.
Fairydrops Mascara.
Front Cover shadows in frosted almond and brown.
Benefit Bellabamba blush.
MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power highlighter and bronzer.
MAC Speed Dial Lipstick


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Elf Haul and free gift bag!

Hello xxx

Just a quick post!
Was sent a code via email from elf Cosmetics which gave you the opportunity to receive a free goody bag worth £10 if you ordered ten pounds worth of cosmetics.

I jumped at this, because I like elf products; especially the studio line. I bought five brushes at £1.50 each (total bargain!), an eye brightening pencil and nail block.

In my goody bag I received a massive pot of the Studio Cream Blusher in a gorgeous bright pink, a powder blusher in a salmon pink colour, a duo cream eyeshadow palette in black and grey and a nail polish in a beautiful peppermint green!

Goody Bag - £10 freebies!

I will review as many of the products as I can - especially the brushes! They must be too good to be true for £1.50!!!