Friday, 20 April 2012

Boots Haul ...again lol New DKNY Sweet Delicious

Hello xxx

I've been run off my feet with work so have a few blogs and some pictures to upload. But before I get round to that I thought I'd do another Boots haul. As you know, I am obsessed with Boots. In fact the girl who works at my local Boots called me by my first name the other day when I went in. Oops lol

Anyway, I only picked up a couple of things,so here we go...

The Lashes are by Eyelure, and were £5.65 I think. I bought them  for a meal with the girls at work and they were so cute! Not too long, but really pretty.

I picked up a Rimmel Bronzer and the new Rimmel Fix & Perfect. I don't normally wear much Rimmel make up but I thought I'd try the primer out.
I've worn it a few times; it's not amazing but it's a nice base. It dried my skin a little though, so I probably won't be purchasing again.
I only got the bronzer because Boots had a 3 for 2 on makeup. It does it's job and is a pretty colour.

My most favourite purchase was the new DKNY Sweet Delicious in Creamy Meringue! When I walked in to the shop and saw all three bottles in cup cake cases on a pastel coloured display, I knew they were for me!!!

There are three new Limited Edition fragrances; Creamy Meringue, Pink Macaroon and Tart Key Lime.

I bought the beautiful Creamy meringue, which smells of delicious Lemon Meringue Pie. I can't stress how edible these fragrances smell! The Key Lime smells of zesty Key Lime Pie and the Pink Macaroon is glorious, it reminds me of sherbet and cotton candy. Utterly delicious. The meringue fragrance swayed me though. Absolutely beautiful. I could just eat it!!!

I never, EVER, buy my own fragrances. I'm not massively in to perfume; I mean I get it for Christmas etc, however, you know a perfume must be great, if I spend my hard earned cash on it! lol

Let me know if you've tried one of the fragrances-I'm so tempted to buy Pink Macaroon too!

Ali xxxxxx


  1. I adore the Sweet Delicious fragrances! Pink Macaroon is on my to buy list :) x

  2. OOO I've always loved my dkny green be delicious, I'll have to check these out, they sound great!
    If you could, check out my blog, I've just just started!
    thank youuu x