Thursday, 22 March 2012

OPI Spider-Man Nail Polish Collection

Hello xxxx

Eeeeek too excited! Two of my favourite things all rolled in to one!

Comic book characters and nail varnish!

Soooo happy when I heard about this and the collection looks exciting...for the most part.

Call Me Gwen-Ever. Lovely orange shade. Very summery!

Into The Night - Stunning iridescent navy. Very chic. Love it!

Just Spotted The Lizard - Gorgeous!!! Totally up my street! Love it!

My Boyfriend Scales Walls - White varnish. Yaaawwn... ;-)

Number One Nemesis - Beautiful slate shimmer. I need to own this.

Shatter The Scales - A teal shimmer shatter. Nice colour, but I hate shatter varnish.

Your Web or Mine - A gorgeous bright pink

So, there they are. Due to be released in May! Love the shades, love the names, can't wait to buy them!!!

Wish there was a rich red though to go with the navy :-(


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