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Modelco FIBRE LASH review

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I've been desperate to review this product since I first bought it, because I know there will be so many people out there, who, like me, were faffing around for months not knowing whether to risk the £35 price tag for this wonder product.

I am here today to say GO FOR IT!

I bought the Fibre Lash about 2 months ago from Boots. It cost £35, and believe me I spent hours and hours trailing blogs and you tube videos, just to make sure I wasn't wasting the money. I had tried the product out in Boots when it was first launched, however, the results just didn't convince me. I have naturally long lashes and the eye I had my normal mascara on didn't look much different to the Fibre Lash eye, so after much deliberating, I left Boots empty handed and began thinking about the product for months after!

About two months ago I decided to bite the bullet and just buy it, I thought that if I was the one applying I might see different results than I had got when the Boots employee did it. I was so right.

The product with consists of a tube of mascara and smaller tube of the tiny fibres, comes in a lovely box with a velvet feel inner. It's a really exciting product, and I couldn't wait to get home to try it out properly.

I instantly fell in love with the curl the mascara gave me, even before applying the fibre lash step! So, since my first application I have been experimenting with it ever since, layering up and trying it with different mascaras.

Picture taken from Boots website
So in 3 simple steps, the product promises "false lash effect" lashes. A bold promise, but one, it seems, Modelco can deliver!

My make up free lashes, not curled and looking a little flat.

Step 1: Apply the mascara product. In my opinion great lash extension is achieved straight away!

Step 2: Apply the white fluffy stuff, using the mascara wand. Do this straight away so that it sticks to the layer of mascara.  Keep your eye looking down so that no pesky fluff bits get in your eye!
Step 3: Wait 30 seconds and then apply another layer of the black mascara product. I personally can't see much difference with one application of fluff, from just the mascara step, so I usually repeat steps 2 and 3 again.

Step 4: Apply another layer of fluffy stuff. Wait 30 seconds.

Step 5: One more layer of mascara and we're done!

I'm really impressed with this product, there is no denying that it extends the lashes and makes them look fuller. It does create a false lash effect and you can layer it up to get the desired effect. The only thing I would say is that 3 layers look too clumpy and because the product only lasts as long as the fluff lasts, then I would try and savour it slightly.

Would I buy the product again? Hmmm, perhaps, don't get me wrong, I love it, but having longer lashes and getting a nice lengthened effect with other mascaras, puts me off forking out the £35 again. However, if I had very short, sparse lashes then £35 would be incredibly reasonable, if I could be getting the length I wanted without the fuss of sticking on falsies everyday.

An amazing product that is worth a try at least once, just so that you can see for yourself how clever the little fibres are!

Love Ali xxx

Ps. Sorry about the pictures, had to use the iPhone, that's why I look like a lobster! :-)


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