Thursday, 1 March 2012


I downloaded this App from the iPhone a few months ago. Anything OPI and I'm there.

It's a cool little App, doesn't do an awful lot, but it's pretty handy if you're an OPI fan.

It has a few different features, the coolest of which is the colour wheel. It has practically all the OPI colours you can imagine, and it gives you the opportunity to try the colours out on a hand that matches your skin tone.

The App updates its colours everytime you go on, so you know it's up to date. The colours are sorted in to collections AND colours. It's really handy to see what else OPI offers.

Another feature, which I don't really use, is the search bar. It would be handy if you liked an old colour, but we're unsure if it was still available.
I really like the favourites section as well. It gives you the chance to store the names of your favourite colours, which is pretty handy if out shopping, or to sen as a present list to the boyfriend ;-)

Overall, if you love OPI, it's an ok App. Got a lot of cool features but not massively entertaining. It's more of a go to place for information on colors, Worth a download. Plus it's free!

Ali xxx

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