Thursday, 1 March 2012


Well, well, well Glossybox. Hope this makes up for the not so hot, last box!

I'm actually pretty excited about this! I love Harrods. I'm a total sucker for high end products, and I always get sucked in to the hype.

I think the whole mystery box thing and the daily letter was really cool. I loved the little business card we all received and think it's been a pretty exciting build up.

To be honest, even though I was clicking the box everyday and receiving my letters, I had no idea it was spelling Knightsbridge lol bit slow on the uptake I think! From checking on the GLOSSYBOX Facebook page though, I don't think I was the only one.

I hope and pray that GLOSSYBOX do this box justice. The build up has been so extensive, that if it isn't amazing, then a lot of people will feel really let down. Also, the feeling I get from other blogs and from some Youtube videos, this is the last chance for GLOSSYBOX, for a lot of people. This box will either persuade people to stay subscribing, or it will completely put them off and they will cancel.

I don't think I'm feeling like this. Of course I wass mildy disappointed with the last months box, but I really have faith that GLOSSYBOX can bring it back. 

So, lets see what March brings. I know some people love spoiling the GLOSSYBOX for everyone, by blurting what's in it before release date. I hope I don't hear any rumours of the contents, because I'll be so disappointed :-( I love, love, love the surprise each month!

So, exciting times ahead people, lets see what we get!

Ali xxx

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