Saturday, 25 February 2012

OPI Avoplex Oil and OPI Nail Envy

Hello everyone,

I bought these two items in a set from QVC UK, called OPI Perfect Partners.
I'm sure you can buy this set at other places, but I find the QVC 30 day money back guarantee a great bonus - plus I got the items on two easy payments, which is always handy.

The 30 day money back feature means that you can try both items, and if you're not happy you can send them back and get a full refund. 

Anyhow, lets start with the Avoplex Oil. The 15ml of oil come in a normal, nail varnish glass bottle. The oil apparently softens and replenishes cuticle oil through it's key ingredients of OPI's Advanced Avocado Liquid Complex, avocado oil and Vitamin E. 

The oil is a golden colour and smells beautiful. I can't describe the smell, but it reminds me of sweet peas or freesia flowers. I've read a few reviews where people have said they dislike the smell. I for one love it. It's very floral but not over powering. You apply the oil twice a day or whenever your cuticles and the skin around your nails looks or feels a little dry. You can't over moisturise so it's perfectly safe to slap this oil of several times a day! Trust me, once it's soaked in, it's so tempting to pop some more on; it's so soothing and gentle.

I have used the oil at least twice a day for the last week. It has made a massive difference to the skin around my nails and the cuticles, so I'm really impressed. Also, according to an OPI technician on QVC, it can help with ridges in the nail. I have a few of those at the moment, however I've not seen a big change yet. 

I love the oil so much, that I'm tempted to buy the oil in a potable pen form, so I can tuck it in my make-up bag. I would recommend this to everyone, even if your cuticles are perfect. It's making big differences in my nails growth and appearance.

On to the Nail Envy. The product is known as an insider top secret for the growth fantastic, healthy and long nails and I was looking forward to trying it out.The glossy varnish will apparently replenish your nail plate's moisture levels and prevent cracking, splitting and peeling. This kind of product is exactly what I need at the moment. The product can be used as a base or top coat, and although it has a strong varnish smell, it goes on smoothly and creates a really high gloss finish.

So, here is the real test. Here are my nails at the moment. They are short, ridged and generally unhealthy. My nails are usually much stronger, however due to my recent few months of constant illness, my nails have really suffered. I'm hoping the Nail Envy has some effect, because I have hundreds of nails varnishes which I am desperate to start wearing again on finger nails that do them justice!

You have to apply an initial base coat once a week, and then you apply another coat, either OVER THE first coat of Nail Envy, or over the top of your regular nail varnish, every other day for a week.
Once you reach the end of the week, you need to remove all your varnish and nail envy and then start all over again. This is a crucial routine if you want full effects.

I will post the results after 2 weeks (this is when you supposedly start seeing results). So keep your fingers crossed people!

Ali xxx

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