Saturday, 25 February 2012

OPI Nicki Minaj Collection

Hello x

It's not secret that I love Nicki Minaj. I'm not really a huge fan of her music, but I love her style and persona. She is really good fun and a little bit kooky, and that really appeals to me.

When I heard rumours last years that OPI were planning on collaborating with Nicki Minaj I was so excited!
I knew the colours would be amazing, and that OPI would come up with something great. 
How right I was!
I was over the moon when I saw the preview of the colours on line. They lived up to everything I hoped and I couldn't get my hands on them fast enough. 
I knew the colours would be released in the US first, so I was straight on the Internet and ordering from my favourite wholesale nail shop in Los Angeles.
I wasn't too bothered with the steep shipping costs, because I had to get my hands on these colours and fast!

I decided to buy 5 out of the 6 colours. The reason I didn't buy the sixth colour was because it was a purple shatter. I've seriously gone off the whole shatter look, I think it's totally over done and a bit over hyped, so I decided to not bother.

The varnishes usually cost about £11.00 in the UK. Obviously you can get them cheaper in the USA, however, you've got the shipping costs to factor in. 

So here are the colours.

This is the gorgeous Pink Friday. It's unlike any other pink varnish I own. It is a creamy, sharp, cotton candy pink, and it is seriously stunning. Really beautiful and goes on thickly and evenly. One coat is sometimes enough. Definite must have.

This is possibly my favourite of all the colours, although it's a close competition between all of them them. Fly, is a turquoisey, blue colour which is really deep, yet bright. It paints on to the nail really smoothly and it makes a serious pop of colour on dull days.

Did It On Em, is a gorgeous lime green. Really pungent and bright. It's not as scary as it looks in the bottle. It's a really pretty colour which look particularly great just on the ring finger of one hand. It's really beautiful, and if you're umming and arring about buying it because of the colour, don't be put off. It's well worth it.

So on to the glitters!

Metallic 4 Life is a fantastic varnish which is CRAMMED with different sized dots of black and silver glitter. With a couple of coats it goes on to the nail completely opaque. It looks really sparkly and seriously glimmers in the light. Really sophisticated glitter varnish.

Save Me is not only my favourite glitter in this set, it might actually be my favourite glitter EVER!
My photograph doesn't do it justice! The clear varnish is packed full of tiny silver specks of glitter, however threaded through the glitter are confetti strands of multicoloured glitter! It is unlike any glitter varnish I have ever bought or seen. It is really pretty and looks amazing on top of a clear base or over any of the colours in the collection. A serious must have. 

I'm so sorry I haven't got any pictures of the varnishes on my nails. As you may know from other posts, I've not been well at all recently and I'm recovering from a major operation. Painting my nails is not only impossible at the moment, but pretty much the last thing on my mind : ( 

If you knew me, you would know that is totally out of character. I normally wear a different colour everyday if I can. So having these colours on my varnish shelf, and not being able to use them is serious torture!
As soon as I'm back on my feet I will post some pictures, I promise!

Ali xxx


  1. I really wanted that glitter! I almost bought it, had it in my hand the whole time I was wondering around and then ended up putting it back before I left. Now I wish I would have bought it! I would love to see a swatch!


  2. Hi lovely,

    Course I will. My friend is over tomorrow so I'll ask her to paint it on for me. I'm utterly useless at the moment. Can't wait to be better!

    You should definitely buy it though, they last for ages, and it's so unusual!


  3. Love your blog, just started following, thanks for your comment on my blog please follow back :)

  4. Save me is so beautiful thats my favorite from the collection
    &thank you for the comment! Im following you, maybe youd like to follow back? It would mean alot!
    Thank you xoxo

  5. These look amazing, I've been wanting them so badly! x

  6. I really want to get this!!! The colours look great.
    Nice blog. Following, can't wait to see what you have lined up for us!!

    <3 Laura x