Monday, 20 February 2012

First Post! February GLOSSYBOX!

Hi everyone x

So, here is the first post of my new blog. 
I deleted the old one and decided to have a fresh start.
I've got a mass of new products to review, because, as you will soon find out, I'm utterly addicted to buying new beauty products. 

However, I thought I'd begin with the newest offer from Glossybox.
I was really excited when the package arrived this morning; I've not been at work for the last 3 weeks because I'm recovering from an operation, so it was a nice treat.

This months Glossybox is another limited edition, entitled "The Fashion Week Edition", to celebrate the fantastic London Fashion Week.
Apparently the box contains "5 fabulous essentials to keep you looking your fashionable best"

When I first opened the packaging I was greeted by a lovely pale pink box, which will look beautiful next to my other empty Glossyboxes which I fill will all my various make up brushes. 

As you will know, if you subscribe to any of the monthly beauty boxes, that the anticipation and excitement when opening it is fantastic! I never cheat by looking on line to see if anyone has received theirs first. It's great to get a totally unexpected surprise every month!
So, back to the box. I opened the box, put all the paperwork to one side and then peeled back the tissue...and...well, to be honest, I wasn't instantly blown away.

Don't get me wrong, the boxes are always presented beautifully, just this time the contents didn't give me that kind of 'I need to dive in' feeling.

The first item that really caught my eye was the Impress Press on Manicure by Broadway Nails.
I like Broadway nails. I love their short everyday press on nails, and they are a staple in my beauty bag. They are great for a quick fix, they look great, and they last for ages. Anyway, back to the product. The packaging was pretty interesting and I had to resist opening it, so that I could investigate the rest of my box. 

The next item was a sweet, little lip gloss, and I instantly recognised the name on the packaging-Duwop.

The tube (according to the contents card in the box) is half the size of a full tube, which is worth £16, so in my opinion, that's pretty good going. This gloss has a slightly peach tint to it, and it smells gorgeous. It should be a winner, and is a great size for slipping in to your clutch bag on a night out, or into your hand luggage on the plane.

Next up, I spied a tiny little powder pot. This is a 1g pot of BM beauty mineral eye-shadow in Dusty Road. 
I tried to swatch it for a photograph, but my camera just couldn't pick up the intense but sheer shimmer to the rusty, gold colour. I love mineral products but I've never tried BM, so hopefully this will be the start of something good, and, even though the pot is tiny, it should last for quite a while, because a little goes a long way with powders like this.

The final two products weren't really up my street, but still were very generous sizes. I'm not big in to trying new hair care products, I'm a make up girl at heart, but the Paul Mitchell Quick Slip styling product smells lovely, and I'm sure it will cheer up my hair when I'm eventually up and about again (next week hopefully!)

The final product was a shower gel by Coco Shambhala. I'm not a massive shower gel person as I have quite sensitive skin, however the product contains essential oils, smells glorious and might be nice as an extra treat for my mum, along with her Mother's Day gifts. 

So that was the February Glossybox, initially not that exciting, but once I looked everything over, I was pretty happy with the selection...however, one more thing caught my eye as I popped everything back in the box!
A little black business card was slotted under a flyer for London Fashion Week, and as you can see from the picture, it looks really, really exciting!

So on the 24th of February I will have a look and see what all the mystery is about, and then I'll let you all know!

Hope you have a lovely week,
A x

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